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6 Reasons

That explain why you need a website redesign


Your website loads slowly

As part of Googles ranking change they also want your mobile site to load fast. Page load time has a very big impact of how good the user experience is.

Your navigation is not user friendly

If your users don’t understand how to find what they are looking for they won’t stay on your website for long. Redesigning your website navigation will go a long ways in keeping visitors on your site.

Your website is not mobile friendly

In 2017 Google will be changing how it ranks websites. They are shifting their focus to mobile first meaning that if your site is not mobile friendly it could be lost in the search engine results and not found.

Your website design is outdated

Website design trends change about every 2 to 3 years. If your website is older than that it’s quite possible its outdated and could do with a redesign.


You are not getting traffic

Design plays a big part in the leads you receive from your website. There could be something about your design that turns your visitors off. Sometimes even one simple change can turn this around.

Contacting you is hard work

Can your website visitors easily find your phone number on your website? If your visitors have to search to find a way to contact you they will become frustrated and most likely leave your website. In this case you need to redesign your site to make it easy to contact you about your products or services.

New Look For Your Existing Website

It may be time for a fresh look on your existing website. If you have invested in the functionality of your website, but would like a modern look, We can provide a new graphic design and keep your current content and functionality intact.

WordPress Template Setup

You would like to have a WordPress site, but you are not ready for a full-blown custom design. We have a package price to implement a pre-built WordPress Template. We will get the new site set-up on your hosting environment, help you load your company’s info into the pages and then train you how to use your new website tools.

Convert Your Website To WordPress

Many clients come to Trident Designs looking for help with a Content Management System that doesn’t create more work. We have a lot of experience working with the WordPress platform. We can take an existing website design and convert it to the WordPress platform to give your staff more autonomy and make it much easier to keep your site up-to-date.

Website Redesign

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